Monday, 9 July 2012

Exhibitors - Ricky Miller and Avery Hill Publishing

Avery Hill Publishing is a new small press company who currently have two quarterly titles: ‘Reads’, a comics anthology and ‘Tiny Dancing’, an arts and humour magazine. They also publish the world’s foremost and indeed only collection of extremely close-up photographs of ‘Masterchef’. Plans for lots more of this sort of thing are in the offing.

Reads features work from some exciting new UK comics talent and includes time-travelling beagles, ghosts, domestic violence, cloud-riding and London cabbies!

The word 'eclectic' was invented for Tiny Dancing - in the latest issue you can find Tom Selleck and David Bowie expounding on their favourite birds of prey, Roy Orbison wrapped in clingfilm and brilliant art from the likes of Soju Tanaka and Lawrence Williams.

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