Monday, 16 July 2012

Exhibitors - Ash Pure

Since 1999 Ash Pure has lived in an alternate London. He is an explorer in a city that lies tantalisingly close to the one we know.

Presented in The Lion and The Unicorn is the City of Thamesis, London's super powered alter ego, its mythologised, epic soul. In this absorbing alternate landscape stone gods look out over all too familiar urban decay while Utopian ziggurats gleam, almost within reach in the near distance.

In September 2011 The Lion and The Unicorn Volume 0, issue one was launched at the Welcome to Thamesis exhibition, at Shoreditch town hall. An immersive experiential performance took guests deeper into this alternate fiction, placing them in the heart of a trans-media narrative, a post millennial urban fantasy which Pure describes as new, living, British myth. 

Giclee prints in stark black and white and stunning colour, a signed and numbered first edition of 200, limited edition card sets and poster comics solidify this myth into a beautiful array of highly covetable objects, while the story world continues to grow via the Social Network.

“Innovative and unique ... putting the big companies to shame.”

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