Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Exhibitor - Richy K Chandler

Richy K. Chandler is a London based comic creator and illustrator. His most recent venture is the weekly webcomic about an unpopular teenage girl who happens to be an octopus, Lucy the Octopus.

Last year he launched Rosieand Jacinda, a teenage romantic comedy with a hint of fairytale, created with Zarina Liew.   

Other work includes Delicate Axiom and the Tempo Lush Mini-Comics range.  He’s contributed to Accent UK’s Robot Anthology, Factor Fiction’s Girly Comic and currently writes for Titan / Aardman’s Wallace & Gromit newspaper comic strip.

At the MKomic Comic Fair on July 19th, Richy will be selling copies of  Lucy the Octopus, Bear Shaped Mini-Comics Box Set, Cosmically Enlightened Gift Set and the teenage romantic comedy with a hint of fairytale, Rosie and Jacinda.

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