Friday, 29 June 2012

Meet the Exhibitors - Rol Hirst

Rol Hirst has been writing small press comics for 20 (gulp) years. He was a prominent member of the early 90s scene with his long-running comic The Jock (in collaboration with a number of artists, mostly the amazing Nigel Lowrey). Other books he released back then included Slick 'n' His Conscience (with Adrian Bamforth), My Legendary Girlfriend and Escape Committee (both with Dave Metcalfe). He returned to the scene in the 21st Century with his anthology book PJANG (People Just Ain't No Good), working with a number of his former collaborators, plus other giants of the small press world, including Andrew Cheverton, Kelvin Green, Tony McGee, Chris Askham, Ryan Taylor... and some bloke called Rainey

He's currently producing Too Much Sex & Violence, a new ongoing comic set in the bizarre, corrupt, depraved and freak-infested northern seaside town of Fathomsby. It's drawn by everybody above, plus some other talented fools Rol has been able to blackmail. Some people appear to like it...

"...gloriously depraved..." (Gary Erskine: Hellblazer, The Filth, Dan Dare)

"...a freakshow you can't take your eyes off..." (Richard Bruton: Forbidden Planet)

"Reminds me of Gary Spencer Millidge's Strangehaven on a bad drug trip!" (Selina Lock: The Girly Comic)

"Far more entertaining than 98% of today's TV. It should be a movie!" (Dave Taylor: Batman - Death By Design.)

"You should definitely buy it - there's nothing like this out there at all." (Jane Habgood: MOMBCast)

Rol will be sharing a table with Rob Wells (with whom he's currently working on another new book - Department Of The Peculiar) and he'll have loads of copies of Too Much Sex & Violence plus a few leftover PJANGs for sale. No old Jocks though, sorry.

For a full list of exhibitors so far please go here.

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