Friday, 22 June 2012

MKomix Exhibitors

I'm delighted to announce the exhibitors taking part in MKomix Comic Fair and whose work you will be able to view and buy at the event. I am especially pleased by the range of creators and comics that will be available at the fair.

Paul Rainey
Rob Jackson
Rol Hirst
Andrew Cheverton
Jade Sarson
Ralph Kidson
Rob Wells
Emily Brady
Peet Clack
Suzanna Raymond
David Ballie
Aisza Sowa
Decadence Comics
Jay Eales and Selina Lock
William Axtell
Sean Azzopardi
Karen Rubins
Amy Letts
John Maybury
Jon Scrivens
Ash Pure
Dan Lester
Ricky Miller
Richy K Chandler
Steve Collier
Laura Watton-Davies

Between now and the fair taking place on July 19th, I will be posting more detail here about each of the comic creators exhibiting.

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