Sunday, 20 May 2012

Announcing MKomix

This summer, the Milton Keynes Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Pushwagner art. To run alongside the exhibition, they will also be putting on a number of events including, on the evening of July 19th (6 PM to 9 PM) a Small Press Comic Zine Fair which I am organising called MKomix.

MKomix will feature some of the best UK based comic creators displaying and selling their work. The fair will take place in the gallery amidst the Pushwagner exhibition itself. Best of all, it is free to enter and, if you’re a creator, free to exhibit.

Currently, small press comics are one of the most vibrant, creative and diverse artistic scenes taking place in the UK and MKomix is your opportunity to sample just some of what is going on.

Details about Milton Keynes Art Gallery can be found here. The Milton Keynes Art Gallery is situated across the road from The Centre: MK, next to the Theatre. Nearby, there are lots of pubs, clubs and restaurants and is a short bus journey from the train station. After 6 PM, most of the parking nearby is free.

Please subscribe to this website for future updates. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions including if you are a comic creator interested in appearing at the event.

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